Science Session Agenda

10:00          Welcome, Carol Ekarius, Coalitions & Collaboratives
                     Katherine Rowden and Nina Oakley
10:25           How Far We’ve Come In Post-Fire Science, Jeremy Lancaster
                    Questions for Jeremy
10:45           Science Needs Panel, Nina Oakley Facilitator
                     Jeremy Lancaster, Dave Callery, Cara Farr, Rich Schwab, Katherine Rowden, Don Lindsay, Stephen Brown
11:30           Q&A with Panelists
12:00          Break
12:05           Interactive Discussion, Cara Farr, Rich Schwab, Katherine Rowden
                      Tree words or phrases to describe your post-fire challenges
                      What is missing from post-fire assessments that you would like to see addressed?
                       I need more, or improved, scientific information on…

12:45           Wrap Up

10:00          Summary of Day One – Nina Oakley, Cara Farr
10:10           Science Research Panel, Cara Farr Facilitator
                     Pete Robichaud, Paul Steblein, Laura Myers, Sheila Murphy, Brendan Murphy, Nina Oakley, Jason Kean
10:55           Q&A with Panelists
11:30           Interactive discussion, Nina Oakley, Pete Robichaud, Jason Kean
                    What other aspects of post-fire science would you like to see researchers address?
                     Ideas for overcoming “research to operation” barriers or other barriers of note?
                     What pre-fire research could be done (or is being done) to inform post-fire response?
12:10           Break
12:15           Update on WFLC/WGA National Roadmap and Collaboration Mike Zupko, Troy Timmons
12:35           Q&A with Panelists
12:50           Networks and Collaborative Efforts, Anne Bradley, Cara Farr
                     Other Networks we missed?
1:10             Additional Collaboration
1:30             Adjourn – Katherine Rowden