Practical Resiliency in Urban Stream Corridors

Colorado Riparian Association Colorado Stream Restoration Network

Practical Resiliency in Urban Stream Corridors

Session Speakers

Joel Sholtes is an instructor of Civil Engineering in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction CO. He is a hydraulic engineer and fluvial geomorphologist whose research focuses on process-based river rehabilitation, riverine infrastructure management, flood geomorphology, and flood hazard management.

Jennifer Shanahan is the City of Fort Collins Natural Areas Watershed Planner. She works on a wide variety of Poudre river health initiatives. Both at the local and regional scale, she integrates the nexus between science and applied management and collaborates between river disciplines to sustain and improve the resiliency of the Poudre as it flows through Fort Collins.

Sharon Bywater-Reyes is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Geoscience at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley CO. She has a background in geology and fluvial geomorphology with her research focusing on controls on sediment transport in riparian areas. She studies water quality and vegetation-hydraulic interactions.

Julie Ash is with Colorado Riparian Association, lead for Education and Outreach Committee, which hosts the CSRN – and also with Stillwater Sciences.