Presentation Materials

2024 After the Flames Conference and Workshop
April 15-17, 2024

April 15, 2024

8:00 AM
Welcome from Ernest House, Jr., Senior Policy Director, Keystone Policy Center

8:30 AM
Beyond the Burn; Envisioning a More Equitable Post-Fire Future
Mr. Jonathan Bruno (Coalitions and Collaboratives), Ms. Meryl Harrell (Deputy Under Secretary for Natural Resources and the Environment, USDA), Mr. Collin Haffey (Washington Department of Natural Resources), Mr. Craig Nelson (Okanogan Conservation District), Ms. Jenna Knobloch (Senior Wildfire Resilience Fellow, USDA) 

10:45 AM
How would we accomplish an all-lands post-fire assessment?
Ms. Cara Sponaugle (USDA Forest Service)

Post-fire Science Communication
Mr. Evan Barrientos (Fireforest), Mrs. Megan Maiolo-Heath (Coalition for the Poudre River Watershed), Ms. Hannah Brown (Colorado Forest Restoration Institute), Ms. Anika Pyle (Colorado State University)

Fire’s Out, Rain’s Coming – Now What?
Mrs. Paulette Church (Falls Creek Ranch), Mr. Clyde Church (La Plata County)

Restoring streams before and after fires – the benefits, water rights issues, and how to manage risks
Ms. Jacquelyn Corday (Corday Natural Resources Consulting), Ms. Abby Burk (Audubon) 

1:00 PM
International Collaboration on Post-fire Response and Recovery
Ms. Cara Sponaugle (USDA Forest Service), Mr. Reg Nolander (British Columbia Ministry of Forests)

Visualizing Watershed Resilience: Post-Fire Stream Impacts and Data Communication Techniques from Monitoring the Marshall Fire
Ms. Lauren Magliozzi (University of Colorado Boulder), Mx. Camryn Miller (University of Colorado Boulder), Mr. Lane Allen (University of Colorado Boulder), Dr. Julie Korak (University of Colorado Boulder), Dr. Cresten Mansfeldt (University of Colorado Boulder), Dr. Diane McKnight (University of Colorado Boulder)

Informing Debris Flow Management Through Modeling:

Low-Tech Process-Based Restoration Post-Fire Workshop
Mr. Colin Barry (Ayres), Mrs. Chelsey Heiden (Ayres)

2:15 PM
Lessons Learned from the Field: Helping Communities Recover and Adapt to Fire Across the US
Mr. Duane Poslusny (Team Rubicon), Mr. Mike Chiu (Team Rubicon), Mr. Jeff Caballes (Team Rubicon)

Colorado State University Extension After the Disaster Guidebook: A Toolkit for Landowners Impacted by Wildfire
Ms. Beth Hayes (Colorado State University Extension)

How to interpret USGS postfire debris-flow hazard assessments
Ms. Jaime Kostelnik (U.S. Geological Survey), Dr. Jason Kean (U.S. Geological Survey), Mr. Eric Jones (U.S. Geological Survey), Mr. Robert Schmitt (U.S. Geological Survey)

3:30 PM
The Plan That Wasn’t Planned
Mr. Kevin Hyatt (Department of Interior Bureau of Land Management), Mr. Chris Holbeck (National Park Service), Ms. Erin Kowalski (Bureau of Land Management), Dr. Mary Miller (Michigan Tech Research Institute)

Rising from the Ashes: Insights and Strategies for Fire Disaster Recovery
Ms. Allison James (Town of Superior), Ms. Lisa Ritchie (Town of Superior (formerly City of Louisville)), Ms. Megan Davis (City of Lafayette)

Post-wildfire flood response and mitigation, lessons learned from Northern Arizona
Mr. Ed Schenk (Flagstaff Water Services), Mrs. Lucinda Andreani (Coconino County), Mr. Joe Loverich (JE Fuller Hydrology), Mr. Allen Haden (Natural Channel Design Engineering)

6:00 PM
Phoenix Award Dinner & Reception

April 16, 2024

8:00 AM
Welcome from Wendy Koenig, Mayor, Estes Park

8:30 AM
Wildland Fire Mitigation and Management Commission: Recovering for Resilience Recommendations
Ms. Madelene McDonald (Denver Water), Ms. Jenna Knobloch (USDA), Ms. Lucinda Andreani (Coconino County), Mr. Brian Kittler (American Forests), Mr. James Hubbard (Wildland Fire Mitigation and Management Commission)

9:45 AM
Community-level recovery and restoration following the Hermits Peak Calf Canyon wildfire, 2022
Ms. Kathryn Mahan (New Mexico Forest and Watershed Restoration Institute), Ms. Shantini Ramakrishnan (New Mexico Forest and Watershed Restoration Institute), Ms. Paula Garcia (New Mexico Acequia Association), Ms. Shannon Atencio (New Mexico State Forestry Division), Mr. Clinton Wilson (AgWell), Ms. Janna Lopez (Neighbors Helping Neighbors)

Human Dimensions: Social and Policy Factors of Community Recovery:

Innovations in Restoration Science:

  • Leveraging Science for Post-Fire Restoration: Help is a Phone Call Away
    Mr. Andrew Bishop (Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks), Dr. Christy Brigham (Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks), Mr. David Karplus (Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks)
  • Developing Native, Locally Adapted Plant Materials in Anticipation of Fire
    Mr. Jordan Spaak (National Park Service), Ms. Katie Vinzant (National Park Service)
  • Got Seeds? Strengthening the Reforestation Pipeline in the Western United States
    Mr. Matthew Aghai (Mast Reforestation), Ms. Olga Kildisheva (The Nature Conservancy), Mr. Solomon Dobrowski (University of Montana), Ms. Shanna Hobbs (Mast Reforestation)
  • Give seeds a chance: opportunities and techniques to reestablish ponderosa pine forests using postfire seeding
    Ms. Marin Chambers (Colorado Forest Restoration Institute)
  • Cold and drought tolerances of 5 planted conifer species in the 2020 Cameron Peak Fire
    Ms. Marin Chambers (Colorado Forest Restoration Institute), Dr. Camille Stevens-Rumann (Colorado State University), Ms. Maddie Wilson (Colorado Forest Restoration Institute)

Resilient Watersheds:

1:00 PM
Recovery at All Stages:

The Red Deal: Policy and Implementation Impacts on Indigenous Communities
Ms. Therese Ryley (Coalitions & Collaboratives), Mr. James Calabaza (Trees, Water & People), Ms. Arielle Quintana (Colorado State University), Ms. Michellsey Benally (Grand Canyon Trust), Mr. John Waconda (he Nature Conservancy, New Mexico)

Post-Fire Systems Mapping and Review Exercise
Mr. Collin Haffey (Washington Department of Natural Resources), Mr. Jonathan Bruno (Coalitions and Collaboratives), Ms. Elaine Kohrman (USDA Forest Service), Ms. Katie Lighthall (Wildland Fire Leadership Council, Western Region), Mr. Matt EMbry (FEMA), Ms. Cara Sponaugle (USDA Forest Service), Ms. Tiernan Doyle (Fire Adapted Communities Network)

Field Tour: Collaborative Wildfire Mitigation in the Big Thompson Watershed
Ms. Julie Dubin (Peaks to People Water Fund), Ms. Gretchen Reuning (Larimer Conservation District), Ms. Laura Quattrini (Big Thompson Watershed Coalition)

3:30 PM
Financing Wildfire Resilience Part 1: Corporate Investments
Mrs. Esther Duke (Coalitions and Collaboratives), Mr. Todd Reeve (Business for Water Stewardship), Ms. Elvy Barton (Salt River Project), Ms. Dana Villeneuve (New Belgium Brewing Company), Dr. Phil Saksa (Blue Forest)

Boots on the Ground: Indigenous Post-Fire Recovery Practices
Ms. Therese Ryley (Coalitions & Collaboratives), Mr. James Calabaza (Trees, Water & People), Mx. Shandiin Nez (SEI), Mr. Robert Mariano (Pueblo of Isleta), Mr. Elijah Small (Brave Heart Society, Dakota/Lakota Tribes)

Lessons Learned from the National Park Service in Scenario-planning, Preparedness, Emergency Stabilization, and Long-term Post Fire Recovery
Ms. Jennifer Gibson (National Park Service), Dr. Koren Nydick (National Park Service), Mr. David Curtis (National Park Service), Mr. Mike Klimek (National Park Service), Mr. Jack Oelfke (National Park Service)

6:00 PM
After the Flames Art Show & Poster Session

The Ashes to Art Project Builds Resilient Communities
Mrs. Lori Joseph (Author & The Ashes to Art Project Co-Founder), Mr. Tim O’Hara (Tim O’Hara Photography Inc.)


  • Spatially explicit estimates of seed availability improve estimates of postfire conifer seedling density
    Mr. Micah Wright (US Geological Survey), Dr. Phil van Mantgem (US Geological Survey), Dr. Kevin Buffington (US Geological Survey), Dr. Karen Thorne (US Geological Survey), Mr. Eamon Engber (National Park Service), Dr. Sean Smith (National Park Service)
  • Post-fire Carnivore Surveys in Two Klamath Network National Parks
    Dr. Joan Hagar (USGS, Forest & Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center), Mr. Sean Mohren (National Park Service), Mr. Russ Weatherbee (National Park Service)
  • Watershed sediment yield following the 2018 Carr Fire, Whiskeytown National Recreation Area, northern California
    Dr. Amy East (U.S. Geological Survey), Mr. Joshua Logan (U.S. Geological Survey), Mr. Peter Dartnell (U.S. Geological Survey), Mr. Oren Lieber-Kotz (Carleton College), Dr. David Cavagnaro (University of Nevada, Reno), Prof. Scott McCoy (University of Nevada, Reno), Mr. Donald Lindsay (California Geological Survey)
  • Burn Severity Forecasting for Fuels Planning from a Watershed Perspective.
    Dr. Mary Miller (Michigan Tech Research Institute), Mr. Michael Billmire (Michigan Tech Research Institute), Dr. Peter Robichaud (USDA Forest Service), Mr. Anthony Chavez (Michigan Tech Research Institute)
  • Advancing Watershed Resilience in Fire-Prone Areas: A Collaborative Brainstorm Experience
    Ms. Molly McCormick (Southwest Fire Science Consortium), Dr. Catrin Edgeley (Northern Arizona University)
  • Using Soil Burn Severity as the Basis for Post-fire Planning in the US and Internationally
    Ms. Cara Sponaugle (USDA Forest Service), Ms. Lizeth Ochoa (USDA Forest Service), Ms. Mary Young (USDA Forest Service), Ms. Dorothy Thomas (USDA Forest Service)
  • Best Practices for Streamlining the Post-Fire NEPA Process
    Ms. Ashley Smith (SE Group)
  • “Collaborative Watershed Recovery: A Comprehensive Timeline of East Troublesome Fire Projects and Partnerships”
    Ms. Kimberly Tekavec (Northern Water), Mr. Sean Henry (Northern Water)
  • Identifying indicator real-time hydrologic variables and thresholds for post-fire hydrologic impact risk-informed decision-making
    Ms. Haley Canham (Utah State University), Dr. Belize Lane (Utah State University)
  • Effects of wildfire on streambed grain size distributions in the area of the Northwest Forest Plan
    Ms. Sara Wall (U.S. Forest Service), Dr. Robert Brown (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency), Dr. Joe Ebersole (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency), Dr. Rebecca Flitcroft (U.S. Forest Service), Dr. Christine Hirsch (U.S. Forest Service), Dr. David Hockman-Wert (U.S. Forest Service), Dr. Marcia Snyder (U.S. Forest Service)
  • Post-East Troublesome Fire Water Quality in the Three Lakes Watershed
    Dr. Anna Hermes (Northern Water)
  • On the Horizon: Introducing Additional Functionality for WEPPcloud Post-fire Watershed Modeling
    Mr. Brian “Scott” Sheppard (USDA Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station)

April 17, 2024

6:30 AM
Excursion: Nature and Forest Therapy Taster

8:30 AM
Financing Wildfire Resilience Part 2: Philanthropic Investments
Mrs. Esther Duke (Coalitions and Collaboratives), Ms. Jennee Kuang (Resources Legacy Fund), Ms. Genevieve Biggs (Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation), Mr. Alex Carter (McConnell Foundation), Ms. Kerry Hastings (Wildfire Resilience Funders Network), Ms. Jordana Barrack (Mighty Arrow Family Foundation), Ms. Jill Ozarski (Walton Family Foundation)

Tale of Two Fires: Progress Towards Action
Mr. Brook Smith (Tennessee Division of Forestry), Ms. Allana Funderburk (The Nature Conservancy), Mr. David Puckett (Sevier County Fire Department)

Pre-Wildfire Planning for Post-Wildfire Recovery:

Wildfire Ready Watersheds – Status, Different Approaches and Implementation
Mr. Brad Piehl (JW Associates), Ms. Abby McNamara (JW Associates), Mr. Daniel Bowker (Coalition for the Poudre River Watershed), Mr. Eric Howell (Colorado Springs Utilities), Mr. Travis Stroth (Stillwater Sciences), Mr. Steven Reeves (Watershed and Flood Protection Specialist)

10:15 AM
Financing Wildfire Resilience Part 3: Innovative Finance Case Studies
Dr. Phil Saksa (Blue Forest), Ms. Ariella Chichilnisky du Lac (Doerr School of Sustainability, Stanford University), Mr. Matt Sjoholm (Blue Forest), Mrs. Esther Duke (Coalitions and Collaboratives), Mr. Todd Ellsworth (USFS), Ms. Sara Tekula (Kula Community Watershed Alliance), Mr. Joseph Imhoff (Skyline Conservation Initiative), Mr. Jonathan Hernandez (Northern Water), Mr. Peter Culp (CK Blueshift)

Protecting Our Resources; Mental Health and Wellness After a Wildfire
Ms. Miranda Stuart (Bureau of Land Management), Mrs. Blake Ellis (Chico State Enterprises)

Nature and Forest Therapy for Long-Term Disaster Recovery
Mrs. Blake Ellis (Chico State Enterprises)

Fungal Treatments for Post-Fire Restoration; Frontiers in Fungal Treatments for Post-fire Restoration
Mr. Jeff Ravage (Coalitions and Collaboratives), Ms. Maya Elson (CoRenewal)

2020 Wildfires Watershed Restoration: Lessons Learned
Ms. Esther Vincent (Northern Water)

12:00 PM
Closing Luncheon with the Wildfire Resilience Funders