after the flames

Tools and tactics for communities and agencies impacted by wildfire.

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2024 Conference & Workshop
April 15-17, 2024

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Please join COCO in Estes Park, April 15-17, 2024 for the After The Flames Conference and Workshop, as we host USDA Deputy Under Secretary, Merly Harrell!

2023 Webinar Series

post-fire triggering rainfall threshold

This event took place on Thursday, October 26, 2023. COCO will post upcoming webinar events as they become available.

call to action

Over the last 38 years, wildfires have burned an average of 5.2 million acres annually in the United States. Much of the cost of recovery and restoration is borne by state and local entities and those residents and businesses who live and work in and around the fire scar. There are communities across the country that have been working hard on improving how we live better with fire for many years, yet the work has been especially slow within the post-fire sector.

our proposal

COCO seeks to formalize the Post-Fire Navigators and Roadmap Program to increase capacity across the West to help communities respond and recover from wildfires, and strengthen post-fire response in order to reduce impacts to communities and ecosystems.