2019 Program & Presentations

8:30           Before After the Flames convenes, join Fire Adapted Colorado for a free session on Co-Existing with Wildfire.   Presentation link

12:30          Welcome to the Workshop and Conference. Link to Video
                    Introduction by Carol Ekarius, Coalitions & Collaboratives, Inc.
                    Welcome by Chantal Unfug, Director, Colorado Department of Local Affairs

1:00            Navigating Recovery from the National Perspective – Join National, State leaders who are working in the post-fire landscape for real-world answers to your questions and
                    discussion of what happens AFTER THE FLAMES. Link to Video
                    John Andrews – USDA NRCS
                    Tony Anderson – National Weather Service
                    Darryl Martinez – Bureau of Indian Affairs, BAER
                    Kevin Houck – Colorado Water Conservation Board
                    Steven Hardegen – FEMA
                    Susan Rich – State of New Mexico

3:15            Navigating Recovery from the Local and Non-profit Perspective – Join Local and Non-profit experts who are working in the post-fire landscape for real-world answers
                    to your questions and discussion of what happens AFTER THE FLAMES. Link to Video
                    Mike McHugh – Aurora Water
                   Lori Hodges – Larimer County Emergency Management
                    Bob Roper – Consultant
                    Carlene Anders – Okangan County, WA
                    Nick Holloway – Missoula County, MT
                    Sue Piper – United Policyholders – United Policyholders Website

5:00            Engaging for the Future: Colorado Examples for Success
                    Rebecca Sumulski – Colorado Fire Adapted Communities. Presentation link
                    Nancy Fishering – Colorado Forest and Water Alliance

5:30            Reception – Gather for networking and conversation. James “Woody” Faircloth, with RV4CampFireFamily, will discuss his project providing housing for fire victims.
                    Presentation link

8:00         Welcome and Keynote – The View From Washington – Review of Post-Fire Challenges and Solutions. Link to Video
                                    Jim Hubbard – USDA Undersecretary for Natural Resources and Environment

9:15          Funding Recovery. Link to Video
                                   John Andrews – USDA NRCS. Presentation link
                                   Steve Boand – CO Office of Emergency Management. Presentation link
                                   John Cleland – RenewWest, LLC. Presentation link
                                   Rich Hansen – FEMA. Presentation link

10:30        Breakout Sessions

                    1.  Collaboration & Communication
                                                      Christopher Tarantino – Epicenter Media and Training. Presentation link
                                                      Steven Sanchez – United States Forest Service. Presentation link
                                                      Laura Myers – University of Alabama. Presentation link
                                                      Dave Jones – GeoCollaborate. Presentation link
                   2.  Tools & Techniques for Risk Assessment
                                                      Bill Sjoberg, Katherine Rowden, Sam Batzli – NESDIS – JPSS. Presentation link
                                                      Luke Javernick – River Science, Seth Mason – Lotic Hydrological. Presentation link
                                                      Katie Jagt – Colorado Water Conservation Board. Presentation link
                    3.  Invasive and Threatened & Endangered Species
                                                      Steven Sauer – Boulder County. Presentation link
                                                      Janelle Valladares – US Forest Service. Presentation link
                                                      John Giordanengo – AloTerra Restoration Services. Presentation link
                                                      Lou Ballard – US Fish and Wildlife Service. Presentation link
                     4.  Community Resilience. Link to Video    
                                                      Garry Sanfacon – Boulder County. Presentation link
                                                      Theresa Springer – Coalition for the Upper South Platte. Presentation link
                                                      Kurt Mackes – Colorado State Forest Service. Presentation link

1:00          Breakout Sessions
                     5.  Tools & Techniques for Risk Assessment
                                                      Dennis Staley – United States Geological Survey. Presentation link
                                                      Jeremy Arkin – University of British Columbia. Presentation link
                                                      Joe Lange – Washington State NRCS. Presentation link
                                                      Brett Gracely – Matrix Design Group. Presentation link
                    6.  Flood Mitigation & Erosion Control – implementing projects and what works
                                                      Paul Santi – Colorado School of Mines. Presentation link
                                                      Dana Butler – United States Forest Service. Presentation link
                                                      Aaron Sutherlin – Matrix Design Group. Presentation link
                     7.  Infrastructure and Utilities
                                                      Mark Shea – Colorado Springs Utilities. Presentation link
                                                      Christina Burri – Denver Water. Presentation link
                                                      Lesley Mace – Colorado Department of Transportation. Presentation link
                      8.  Pre-fire Planning for Post Fire Recovery
                                                      Brad Piehl – JW Associates. Presentation link
                                                      Zander Evans – The Forest Guild. Presentation link
                                                      Tammi Renninger – Elephant Fish. Presentation link
                                                      Jason Kean – USGS. Presentation link

3:00          Table Top Scenarios – An interactive session on what happens from Day 1 to the first flood.  Scenario link 
                    or Policy Discussions – Round table dialogue on policy recommendations.

8:15             Collaborative Approaches to Recovery – How communities and agencies are working collaboratively to address post-fire recovery options.
                                    Travis Ball – Washington State Silver Jackets. Presentation link
                                    Cody Stropki – SWCA Environmental Consultants. Presentation link
                                    Paul Sclafani – US Army Corps of Engineers . Presentation link

9:45             Break-through Conversations – Table top sharing and learning. Scenario link
                                    Fantastic failures and spectacular successes
                                    Creative approaches to pay the local match
                                    Post-fire realities: What to do today to be better prepared

11:00           What can we learn – top 3 lessons from each table. Group review and closeout

12:30           Bus Tour of Restoration Sites.