Program and Presentations

After The Flames

Workshop & Conference
2019 Program

April 1, 2019

Before After the Flames convenes, join Fire Adapted Colorado for a free session on Co-Existing with Wildfire.   Presentation link

Welcome to the Workshop and Conference. Link to Video
Introduction by Carol Ekarius, Coalitions & Collaboratives, Inc.
Welcome by Chantal Unfug, Director, Colorado Department of Local Affairs

Navigating Recovery from the National Perspective – Join National, State leaders who are working in the post-fire landscape for real-world answers to your questions and discussion of what happens AFTER THE FLAMES. Link to Video
                                 John Andrews – USDA NRCS
                                 Tony Anderson – National Weather Service
                                 Darryl Martinez – Bureau of Indian Affairs, BAER
                                 Kevin Houck – Colorado Water Conservation Board
                                 Steven Hardegen – FEMA
                                 Susan Rich – State of New Mexico

Navigating Recovery from the Local and Non-profit Perspective – Join Local and Non-profit experts who are working in the post-fire landscape for real-world answers to your questions and discussion of what happens AFTER THE FLAMES. Link to Video
                                 Mike McHugh – Aurora Water
                                 Lori Hodges – Larimer County Emergency
                                 Bob Roper – Consultant
                                 Carlene Anders – Okangan County, WA
                                 Nick Holloway – Missoula County, MT
                                 Sue Piper – United Policyholders
                                 United Policyholders Website

Engaging for the Future: Colorado Examples for Success
                                 Rebecca Sumulski – Colorado Fire Adapted
                                 Communities. Presentation link
                                 Nancy Fishering – Colorado Forest and Water Alliance

Reception: Gather for networking and conversation.
James “Woody” Faircloth, with RV4CampFireFamily, will discuss his project providing housing for fire victims. Presentation link 

April 2, 2019

Welcome and Keynote
Jim Hubbard, USDA Undersecretary for Natural Resources and Environment
The View From WashingtonReview of Post-Fire Challenges and Solutions. Link to Video

Funding Recovery. Link to Video
                                 John Andrews – USDA NRCS. Presentation link
                                 Steve Boand – CO Office of Emergency Management.
                                 Presentation link
                                 John Cleland – RenewWest, LLC. Presentation link
                                 Rich Hansen – FEMA. Presentation link

Breakout Sessions
 1.  Collaboration & Communication
                                 Christopher Tarantino – Epicenter Media and Training.
                                 Presentation link
                                 Steven Sanchez – United States Forest Service.
                                 Presentation link
                                 Laura Myers – University of Alabama. Presentation link
                                 Dave Jones – GeoCollaborate. Presentation link
2.  Tools & Techniques for Risk Assessment
                                 Bill Sjoberg, Katherine Rowden, Sam Batzli
                                 NESDIS – JPSS. Presentation link
                                 Luke Javernick – River Science, Seth Mason – Lotic
                                 Hydrological. Presentation link
                                 Katie Jagt – Colorado Water Conservation Board.
                                 Presentation link
3.  Invasive and Threatened & Endangered Species
                                 Steven Sauer – Boulder County. Presentation link
                                 Janelle Valladares – US Forest Service.
                                 Presentation link
                                 John Giordanengo – AloTerra Restoration Services.
                                 Presentation link
                                 Lou Ballard – US Fish and Wildlife Service.
                                 Presentation link
4.  Community Resilience. Link to Video    
                                 Garry Sanfacon – Boulder County. Presentation link
                                 Theresa Springer – Coalition for the Upper South
                                 Platte. Presentation link
                                 Kurt Mackes – Colorado State Forest Service.
                                 Presentation link

Breakout Sessions
1.  Tools & Techniques for Risk Assessment
                                 Dennis Staley – United States Geological Survey.
                                 Presentation link
                                 Jeremy Arkin – University of British Columbia.
                                 Presentation link
                                 Joe Lange – Washington State NRCS.
                                 Presentation link
                                 Brett Gracely – Matrix Design Group.
                                 Presentation link
2.  Flood Mitigation & Erosion Control – implementing projects and what works
                                 Paul Santi – Colorado School of Mines.
                                 Presentation link
                                 Dana Butler – United States Forest Service.
                                 Presentation link
                                 Aaron Sutherlin – Matrix Design Group.
                                 Presentation link
3.  Infrastructure and Utilities
                                 Mark Shea – Colorado Springs Utilities.
                                 Presentation link
                                 Christina Burri – Denver Water. Presentation link
                                 Lesley Mace – Colorado Department of Transportation.
                                 Presentation link
4.  Pre-fire Planning for Post Fire Recovery
                                 Brad Piehl – JW Associates. Presentation link
                                 Zander Evans – The Forest Guild. Presentation link
                                 Tammi Renninger – Elephant Fish. Presentation link
                                 Jason Kean – USGS. Presentation link

Table Top Scenarios:
An interactive session on what happens from Day 1 to the first flood. Scenario link
OR Policy Discussions – Round table dialogue on policy recommendations.

April 3, 2019

Collaborative Approaches to Recovery – How communities and agencies are working collaboratively to address post-fire recovery options.
                                 Travis Ball – Washington State Silver Jackets.
                                 Presentation link
                                 Cody Stropki – SWCA Environmental Consultants.
                                 Presentation link
                                 Paul Sclafani – US Army Corps of Engineers.
                                 Presentation link

Break-through Conversations:
Table top sharing and learning. Scenario link
Fantastic failures and spectacular successes
Creative approaches to pay the local match
Post-fire realities: What to do today to be better prepared

What can we learn – top 3 lessons from each table.
Group review and closeout

Bus Tour of Restoration Sites. Presentation link