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this survey will be available until September 18, 2019

In early 2018 Coalitions & Collaboratives, Inc. (COCO) released the first Post-Fire Recovery / Pre-Fire Needs survey. The responses provided COCO with valuable information, which was presented to the federal Wildfire Leadership Council. Since this original report, COCO & partners have made significant progress in changing the dialog about the post-fire environment we all work within.  Your input has been invaluable in helping us to gain the support we need to work towards a more resilient & capable post-fire future.  Several of the outcomes we are excited to report are listed below:

1. The Western Governors Association & the Wildfire Leadership Council have agreed to work on a roadmap focused on post wildfire. Their project description:

The Interagency Wildfire Disaster Response – Mitigating Post Fire Impacts effort will examine current federal disaster response programs & provide a framework to improve coordination of these activities.

Goals & Objectives:

The project will:

·      Develop a “roadmap” of federal assistance available to local governments & states before and after a disaster.

·      Develop a “roadmap” of the federal land management process for post fire response & restoration on federal lands.

·      Promote interagency cooperation in post-disaster response & better coordination & communications between federal agencies & with state and local governments.

·      Identify policy gaps that restrict closer coordination between federal land & non-federal land response.

·      Examine the need for greater coordination & information flow between federal agencies to ensure response actions are efficient, effective & appropriately address needs in disaster-affected communities.

·      Study the eligibility criteria for federal programs & grants, & the required level of matching funds from state & local governments seeking monies for response actions, & assess the efficacy of these eligibility criteria.

2. Initial approval has been provided by the Undersecretary of Agriculture & WFLC to allow & encourage Burned Area Emergency Response Teams (BAER) to perform boundary-less analysis of the risks beyond Forest Service boundaries.

3. Initial discussions have been made regarding the integration of Post-fire subject matter experts to be included within IMTs on fires where post-fire effects are expected to be of a scale that could cause significant negative consequences.

4. COCO & partners hosted the first-ever national post-wildfire conference in Denver.  We plan to host the 2nd annual After The Flames Conference & Workshop in California, April 6-9 2020.

5. COCO has been asked to continue to participate in the post-fire roadmap guidance, & as such, we (COCO) are asking you to take the survey, which will take about 30-45 minutes of your time. ALL RESPONSES WILL BE PRESENTED ANONYMOUSLY.

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