The Fire is Out... What's Next?

After The Flames

Workshop & Conference


Parking for After the Flames

Embassy Suites Denver is on the RTD Light Rail, directly across from the Convention Center station. Parking is available at several Park-n-ride stations. More information is available at:

The Embassy Suites Denver offers valet parking for the following rates:
0-4 Hours $20
4-8 Hours $24
Over 8 Hours – Overnight $47

There are three parking lots congruous to the Embassy suites. Two of them are operated by Focus parking group and you can pay for parking conveniently through their parking app:

Parking fees are fluid in downtown Denver, making it difficult to pinpoint the price. In general, prices run from $14.00/day to $21.00/day depending on the day of the week and the time of entry/exit.

Closest lots:

Focus parking : Stout and 14th across the street from Embassy. uncovered Zone 30306
Time park: Small lot- 26 spaces. uncovered  303 893 1414- also across street.
Focus parking: 14th and California. 303 324 0199. uncovered parking app Zone 30305

Close, but up to several blocks away:

Las parking: 15th and Stout. uncovered 303 893 1414
Convention Center parking: uncovered is across the street is the most unpredictable in terms of daily rate. If there’s an event expect to pay up to $40/day.
Hyatt Regency, public parking: covered  Welton between 14th and 15th. 303 486 4469
Nuesters Parking Garage:  1520 Stout between 15th and 16th. Global Pacific (managers) 303 825 7275 -HUGE and covered– locals say this is the lowest predictable rate at $14 – $20/day.
BAM parking: 15th and Champa. Uncovered  303 573 8121

3 block walk:
Denver Center for performing arts. 14th and Arapahoe. Covered- stable pricing  $21.00/day (4am to 4am)  303 607 9093

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